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Custom application development in Switzerland: From idea to action

Do you have an application development idea but don't know where to start? Want to take advantage of a new interface 100% dedicated to your mobile users? You've come to the right place!

Get down to business and choose a web agency in Geneva whose expertise will guarantee the success of your project.

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Development of high-performance applications in a demanding market.

As the idea of unlimited market potential has increased the competition tenfold, we'll make sure you get an app that's 100% optimized for visibility in the stores.

In addition to visibility, the know-how of our smartphone application development experts will ensure that your application is ergonomic, fluid and easy to use, to the delight of your users.

Visibility, performance, high user acceptance and positive ratings are all key elements we'll validate to guarantee the success of your smartphone app creation project.

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What kind of development for Native, Webinapp and Nocode applications?

To meet your needs as closely as possible, our agency adapts to the latest high-performance technologies and the tools best suited to your project.

Choose between our fast, simple and cost-effective no-code solutions, more adaptable intermediate webinapp solutions, or the more complex solutions of a native application dedicated to IOS and Android platforms. Your Wegenève agency has the skills and expertise to meet the different requirements of these solutions.

Tailor-made support for your application development in Switzerland

There are many stages in an application development project. Initial strategy, specifications and technical elements, design and copywriting... the development of a smartphone application is a complex project requiring constant monitoring. But don't worry: our project management experts are trained to support, advise and guide you with complete peace of mind.

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Your expert application development agency in Switzerland

We've been experts in excellent application development for many years, and our teams combine performance, marketing and design to offer you a complete application through clear, transparent processes.

Discover the different types of application development designed by our experts

Find out more about our website design, smartphone application development and digital creation. Ambitious missions, achieved results and satisfied customers.


Developing a mobile application requires a planned and strategic approach to ensure the success of your project.

Here are five essential steps to develop a mobile application:

  1. Clearly define the objective and target audience for your application.
  2. Design a user-friendly user experience.
  3. Choose a platform (iOS, Android) and development tools.
  4. Develop and test the application iteratively.
  5. Ensure the quality, security, and SEO of the application.

Contact our web agency in Switzerland to bring your mobile application idea to life.

Creating an application for your business offers numerous benefits, such as customer engagement, operational efficiency, and competitiveness.

Here are five reasons to create an application for your business:

  1. Enhance the customer experience by providing easy access to your products or services. Increase customer engagement and loyalty through interactive features.
  2. Optimize internal processes for improved operational efficiency. Stand out from the competition by offering a mobile solution.
  3. Gather valuable data to better understand customer needs.

The differences between a mobile application and a web application primarily lie in their accessibility, features, and deployment : 

  1. Accessibility: Mobile applications are installed on a device, while web applications are accessible via a web browser.
  2. Features: Mobile applications have access to device features (camera, GPS), while web applications have more limited features. Internet
  3. Connection: Web applications require a constant Internet connection, while some mobile applications can work offline.
  4. Updates: Mobile application updates need to be downloaded, while web applications update automatically.
  5. Platforms: Mobile applications are specific to iOS or Android, while web applications are cross-platform.

Contact us to explore the advantages of each approach based on your needs.

The cost of developing an application varies depending on numerous factors, including complexity, features, the target platform, and the chosen provider.

Here are five elements that influence the cost of application development:

  1. The complexity of the application, including structure and features.
  2. The target platform (iOS, Android, web, etc.).
  3. Specific features, such as API integration or advanced functionality.
  4. Application design and user experience (UX). Maintenance and update costs.

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