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Custom website design in Geneva

Tailor-made website creation, the expertise of your Web agency Webgenève

Creating a website that reflects your company's image

Together, we'll create a website that's totally aligned with your image, your brand and your business objectives.

A modular, fully customizable website. From a simple online presence through a showcase site to the more complex set-up of a bespoke e-commerce website. Our experts will provide you with solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Web design and performance for your business on the web. Effective design, an optimized user experience and well-established online visibility make it easy for you to find your customers on the web.

With over 10 years' experience in website creation and cutting-edge digital solutions in Geneva, we can guide and support you throughout your web creation project.

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Creation of a showcase or e-commerce website

Would you like to give your company more visibility on the web? Would you like to generate qualified leads from your website every month? Choose our solutions for showcase, static or customized lead generation sites.

Want to sell your products on the web? Let's set up your Prestashop or online sales platform today. Rely on an e-commerce website creation perfectly adapted to your needs to multiply your online sales.

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Webmarketing to create a high-performance website

Who are your customers? Where are they? What are they looking for and how can you get them to visit your website? These are the essential questions to analyze when integrating webmarketing into your website creation project.

SEO, online advertising and data analysis, ... Thanks to our methodologies, perfected over the years, we have the tools to develop your digital strategy.

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Our other tools for effective website creation

Because setting up an efficient, elegant and high-performance website requires a number of actions, don't hesitate to ask us for more information about our complementary digital services.

Modular website development

The advantages of creating a website are well established. Whether it's a showcase site or an e-commerce site, all our solutions are designed to give you total control over your website. Modular and scalable, we offer you fully adaptable solutions for efficient learning.

Webdesign and Graphics

Today, the graphic appearance of a site is a guarantee of quality. Our web designers work in collaboration with our art director to offer you an elegant overall graphics package.

Our agency brings together all the graphic skills needed to set up and execute your website's web design.

Web design training and consulting

Webgenève offers training courses to help you understand the web and marketing. Acquire a powerful analysis methodology and e-commerce strategy. Master website creation and CMS management. Learn to use the main tools of modern webmarketing.

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Smartphone Application Development

How about setting up your smartphone application creation project? We create the different views of the project, link them together and validate the ergonomics together. Then we offer you distribution on the App store, Google Play or Windows Mobile, guaranteeing your application's performance and visibility.

Social networking

We can manage your presence on social networks. Community management, virality and competitions: we study the best opportunities to help you achieve the highest possible engagement rate.

SEO and Adwords

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the digital strategy that enables your site to appear in the top results of the various search engines.

A real keyword strategy, relevant content, quality links and the right website structure will turn your site into a real magnet for leads.

In addition to creating an SEO-performing website, we manage your Google Adwords advertising campaigns. Cost control, performance calculation and ROI (return on investment) management: our advertising experts ensure controlled results for optimum performance.

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Our customers at the heart of their website creation projects.

Discover our different website creations, showcase or e-commerce, thanks to our different references and our project catalog.

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