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Website creation – Construction Perret SA

Construction Perret SA is a WordPress website designed for a construction company. This showcase site has been designed to help the company promote its services, present its portfolio of work and provide an easy way to contact the company.

When you arrive on the site, you’re greeted by an attractive, user-friendly home page that invites you to explore the various services offered by the company. The home page is designed to highlight the company’s strengths and present an overview of its achievements.

The site’s main menu is organized to make navigation easier for users. The different sections of the site include “Home”, “About”, “Services”, “Portfolio”, “Blog” and “Contact”. Each section is carefully designed to provide users with relevant and useful information.

The “Services” section presents a complete list of services offered by the company. Thanks to our web agency in Geneva, each service comes with a full description and information on prices and delivery times. This section is very useful for potential customers looking to hire the company for a specific job.

The “About” section is designed to give users a better understanding of the company and its history. The information presented includes the company’s history, core values and a list of key team members.

The“Blog” section is an excellent source of information for users looking to find out more about the company and the latest trends in construction and building. This section features interesting and informative articles providing useful advice and practical tips for construction projects.

The“Portfolio” section is one of the most important parts of the site. This section allows the company to present all its previous achievements. Projects are organized chronologically, with full descriptions and images for each project.

Finally, the “Contact” section is designed to provide users with a simple and efficient means of contacting the company. Users can fill in a contact form directly on the site, or use the contact information provided to reach the company by telephone or e-mail.

In conclusion, CPSA ‘s WordPress website design is an excellent example of how a website can be used to effectively showcase a company’s services and portfolio of work. The site is easy to navigate, the information is clearly presented and the Portfolio section with filter is a real asset for the company, which can present its work in all its forms.

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