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Website creation – Jiva Hill

The Jiva Hill Stables website is an excellent example of how WordPress can be used to create a professional, modern and attractive bilingual site for visitors. As with many of the clients of our professional web agency in Geneva, this site is available inFrench and English, allowing visitors to choose their preferred language for navigating the site.

The site’s home page is welcoming and aesthetically pleasing, with a large banner of images showcasing the stable’s horses in their natural environment and the events organized by the company. Photos play an important role on the site, allowing visitors to discover the stables and their activities, as well as the food offered by the establishment’s restaurant.

With a showcase site designed for fluidity, navigation on the site is easy and intuitive. Visitors can easily find the information they’re looking for, whether they want to find out about the various services offered by the stable, consult the restaurant menus or find out about organized events.

The “About us” section provides a detailed description of the company and its activities, as well as information on the stable’s history. Here we learn that Jiva Hill Stables is a prestigious stable located in the Ain region on the Swiss border, offering comprehensive services for riders and horses.

The “Stables” section is also very informative. It provides information on the various services on offer, such as horse boarding, training and riding lessons. Visitors can also discover the equipment available in the stables, as well as the different types of horses bred by the stable.

The “Restaurant” section is also impressive. There’s a detailed presentation of the chef and the different menus offered by the restaurant. Visitors can learn more about the dishes on offer and the ingredients used to prepare them.

The “Events” section is also very useful for visitors. Here you’ll find information on current and forthcoming events, as well as photos and videos to illustrate them. Visitors can discover the various activities organized by the stable and the special events on offer.

In conclusion, the website creation for the Swiss company Jiva Hill Stables is an excellent example of how WordPress can be used to create a professional, modern, bilingual website for a prestigious stable offering services for riders and horses, as well as for visitors to the restaurant. The site features real-time information on special events, information on the stables and activities offered by the establishment, as well as restaurant menus and dishes. Photos are an important part of the site’s presentation, allowing visitors to discover the natural environment in which the horses evolve and the dishes offered by the restaurant.

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